Ethically Sourced, Specialty Grade Coffee, Roasted and Shipped on the Same Day!

Our Coffees
Everyone is Welcome!

Everyone is Welcome!

We deliver gourmet coffees to the creators, builders and collectors of Web 3.

We're here for the wild ones, who fuel up on caffeine every day.

And for all other coffee lovers too, wherever you are.

We embrace all positive vibes...

And we do it right. We choose only ethically sourced, specialty grade coffees.

Just the good stuff... for discerning degens!

Our Coffees

What Our Degen Customers Say...

"I recently bought the GM Blend and loving it - it’s silky smooth and tasty! It doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that a lot of others have or leave you feeling over caffeinated afterwards."


"The Dynamite Blend is electrifying to say the least⚡️And the wifey likes it too! Freshly Ground! Definitely will be ordering again!"


"Really, really good. I got the French Vanilla one so it would fit in with something my wife would drink. He’s right, it really doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste at all, and I take mine black."


GM!! I tried the espresso this morning... wow it’s extremely good!!


"The Bali Blue is fantastic. Half way through a cup now with another due soon ⚡️🎧⚡️"


"I tried the Dynamite Blend, just to see how strong it is! Pretty good! It has a big caffeine kick, as advertised. But great taste too."


Elevate your morning routine with Degen Coffee’s “GM Blend,” a true embodiment of craftsmanship and passion for the perfect brew.