Reward your NFT community with private label gourmet coffee.

This is a great way to engage with your community!

Community is the glue that holds any Web3 project together. And for communities to thrive, their members need to feel appreciated and rewarded.

One great way to reward people is with coffee that is branded with your project name!

Perfect for giveaways… prizes… merch stores… and live events.

For example… the bag above is for the Degen Toonz community. Now imagine how a custom label for your own project might look.

Place a minimum order of 25 bags. And we’ll then take care of everything…

  • We create the label design to your specifications and get it printed and applied to the bags.
  • We roast your coffee and bag it on the same day for maximum freshness.
  • We ship all your bags to your business address within the continental USA.

This is the same, specialty grade, ethically sourced coffee you find on our site.

Assuming an order of 25 x 12 oz bags of whole beans… Your coffee will be roasted, bagged with your custom label, and delivered at no extra charge to your business address within the continental USA, the total cost to you would be in the region of US$445.

In other words, you get the full white label service for under $18 a bag.

And there is no limit on the order size. You can ask for 25 bags, 50 bags, 100 bags, or more.

Being able to offer your own custom coffee is a unique and powerful way to set yourself apart from other projects.

It's a caffeine flex your community will appreciate... and talk about with their friends and followers!

If you are interested on learning more, reach out to us through our Contact page.